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Green Clean

Your employees and tenants are most important asset. Maintaining a healthy, safe work environment is critically important to FM&M, Inc. To ensure this, FM&M, has adopted a “Green Cleaning” approach to our business.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is the use of cleaning products and methods with environmentally preferable ingredients that minimize the impact cleaning materials can have on human health and the environment. However, green cleaning is more than simply substituting cleaning products. It also involves the use of policies, procedures, training and shared responsibility efforts to reduce the environmental impact cleaning materials can have on building occupants and the overall environment.


FM&M, Inc. takes its commitment to “Green Cleaning” very seriously. Since 2,000, FM&M has committed to being an industry leader in the fields of custodial and green cleaning. We carefully evaluated and selected our distributors and chemical manufacturers based primarily on their commitment to maintaining a healthy environment. FM&M, Inc. uses a comprehensive approach to Green Cleaning. This approach includes the proper use of energy, recycled content products, environmental safe chemicals, energy and water efficient equipment and purchasing consumables with packaging that minimizes non-recyclable waste materials. Our unique partnership with our selected distributor and chemical vendor, Rovic Hillard (Award winner of the 2006 Green Champion Award for New England), is based on quality of services and products that allow FM&M’s contract job managers to come up with the best, highest quality and most effective way in handling their contract duties while concentrating on the best quality. FM&M consults regularly with its primary vendor Rovic Inc. All of FM&M’s base supplied, chemicals and equipment are Green Sealed Certified and CRI Certified, respectively. We utilize low water consumption equipment, HEPA Quality vacuums, and microfiber technology. Utilizing these special products ensures quality cleaning, while using the least invasive chemicals possible.