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FM&M Inc. utilizes a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach in everything we do. From the CEO to the part-time evening worker, we are all responsible for the quality and services we provide. FM&M Inc.’s Executive level philosophy amplifies these important concepts. 

The open door policy approach adopted by FMM Inc. allows any employee or customer access to any and all of the senior management staff. This allows our partners to feel more confident and secure in their ability to discuss tough issues and recommend changes to our practices. FM&M Inc.’s President, James Cassetta and/or one of the other Senior Managers visits all of FM&M Inc.’s operations at least once quarterly, allowing an opportunity to get valuable input from our customers, Contract Job Managers, and front line staff.


At FM&M, Inc., our approach to quality starts with our training. Starting with our line workers and working supervisors on up to the president of the company, each member of our staff is integrated into the concepts of ongoing quality improvement, continuous inspection and feedback in their daily routing. As a means of ensuring consistent quality standards, FM&M, Inc. staff is trained in and adhere to our Cleaning Costs Analysis Program training.

Our proven strategy for controlling the quality of custodial services aims to demonstrate the seriousness of our commitment to providing quality services and to exceed customer expectations.

At FM&M we are committed to maintaining a well-trained, trustworthy, reliable workforce, and a well-organized, responsive management staff. FM&M’s proven Quality Control Program assures that our customer contract requirements, planned results, organizational goals, and overall customer satisfaction are achieved.