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Our Experience

Our extensive knowledge and expertise have afforded us the ability to develop customized plans, and delivery systems that provide our customers with excellent value at a competitive price. Our references are strong and for good reason. We deliver what we promise, strive to surpass customer expectation and realize customer satisfaction is imperative to our continued success.

The delivery systems and processes that we have set in place are designed to take the hassle and headaches out of your entire facility maintenance process, so you can focus on your core business. Our standard of excellence, integrity, and effective Quality Control Systems are second to none and are unmatched within our field of expertise.

By contracting with FM&M, you are guaranteed the best service in the industry. FM&M’s management staff has over 100 years combined commercial cleaning experience, as well as, over 40 years of experience in facilities management and mechanical services; FM&M, Inc. is able to provide professional guidance and personal attention to our customers’ cleaning and maintenance needs. Our effectiveness and success has largely been due to the knowledge and vast experience that our management team and personnel possess.

Some of our unique features include:

  • FM&M is fully insured and bonded and has job sites ranging from 8,000 up to over 1million square feet of space.
  • 24/7 accessibility An expert cleaning/mechanical quality assurance system that utilizes the latest technology, equipment, and   techniques.
  • A timely and effective communication system that respond quickly to customer needs and concerns.
  • An experienced workforce with professional supervision.
  • State of the art training program.
  • Experience providing services to dispersed sites of various layouts and uses.
  • Employee and management staff familiar with schedules and procedures unique to the requirement sand operations of   commercial facilities.
  • Stability and continuity of our management staff which ensures successful service delivery.